Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Who doesn't love a crazy chick?!?!

I'm crazy...but in a fun and lovable way.  In my expert opinion, I have a mix of anxiety, OCD, and maybe a little of a hoarder in me.  Not the type of hoarder who saves trash or anything, just birthday cards from when I was like...eight ( does that count as trash?).  Anyway, all these wackadoo qualities or characteristics I have combine wonderfully together to make ME!  And I love me!  Every so often I have decided to post about some of my strange, but normal to me, things that I do.  That being said, let's start off easy.

Below is a picture of my brother Cody.  I believe it's his eighth grade picture.  He stuck it in my room, over my light switch probably 10 years ago as a joke.  I can't seem to take it down.  I like it there.  And I would probably have a (small?) fit if someone pulled it off.
A close up

See how tiny!

Random, I know.  I have issues!  Any help is welcome :-)

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