Monday, June 20, 2011

Mr. Personality

I tried for quite a while to get this baby to smile.  All I wanted was a smile.  This is what I ended up with. 

Shy face.

Angry face.

More shy face.

And really angry face.  Takes after his dad I guess.

Love this boy.  

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

We miss you Brother

Tyler is off in Louisiana at school and coaching football.  That's about all I know about that, well, and that he's really busy...supposedly.  I also just had to google supposedly and Louisiana to figure out how to spell them.  Shit.  Moving on.  We really miss him here, even when he doesn't close the cabinets back, leaves trash on the counters, and leaves his dishes everywhere and then tries to blame it on someone else.  I hope that one day, he will make lots of money and let me live off of him.  Now for lots of pics.

Pre school at ESPA.

Donaldson dorks.  We have big feet!  And my head looks huge!

Yikes!  Not sure who this picture is worse of.

Cody's hair ruined this one.

These pics were from brother's last visit, about a month ago.

Even the dogs miss him.

Since he took his bed with him, this is where he had to sleep.  It's a twin blow up mattress.

Me, Tyler, Churchill and JFK.

I tried to get a pic of the boys, but it didn't work out so well.  I guess you don't mess with them when they are playing video games.  Tyler looks a bit like Forrest Gump here.
Stupid is as stupid does

Love ya brother.  See you soon.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Top 5

Ok.  I have a top five..maybe 6.  I mean, who doesn't?  Of course I'm referring to actors/singers/models any celebrity who I happen to love.  I know some people say it's a top five list of people you could have sex with, that is, if you happen to come into contact with an actual celebrity one day.  Chances of that happening are slim, and who's to say that a celebrity will just want to jump into bed with a random?   Maybe?  Anyway, my list is of people who I think are hot or talented or both.  I also asked Ben to make a list, because SURPRISE.... he didn't have one!  I know, I was shocked too!  So, if you don't have a list, make's fun!  My list is composed of some hot ass celebrities that I think a lot of people will agree with.  I might have a few surprises though.  My list includes boys and girls, because chicks are hot too!

My List - In random order

Eric Dane - McSteamy is one hot man.  Plus, he's raising his baby with a lesbian couple = thumbs up for me! (all on Grey's Anatomy...if you don't watch)  Love this pic of him!  I really can't stop looking at it!

Brad Pitt - Love him.  Hottest movie of his = Legends of the Fall.  I know he did a crappy thing to Jennifer (who I love), but he's done a lot of AMAZING things for others, along with Angelina.  He (seems) to be open and accepting of everyone and adopts kids from all over.  My kind of man.

Sam Worthington - Fell in love with this hot ass the first time I saw him in the newer Terminator movie.  Had no idea who he was and had to wait for the credits to get his name.  I named my pretend lizard after him.  He's even hot as an avatar.  Hollywood's new "it guy."

Jeffrey Dean Morgan -  You may recognize him as Denny, Izzy's lover who dies after she breaks all the rules to keep him alive, in one of Grey's best seasons to date.  So sad, I cried forever.  He's got a great beard!  I'm a beard girl.  LOVE THEM!!!  Jeffrey has such a scruffy look to him, which is by far the best look.

Leonardo Dicaprio - A very accomplished actor.  I first remember him from Growing Pains, where he was such a cute little boy.  I fell in love with him in Titanic.  I wanted him to take me to the back seat of a car, just like Rose : )  In my opinion, he's by far one of the best actors ever.  If you haven't seen The Departed, I recommend it.  Totally worth your time!  And you can't forget about What's eating Gilbert Grape!  "Gilbert say where's Arnie."

Dave Grohl - I don't really know too much about him.  I've never been a huge fan of Foo Fighters, but for some reason I like him!  I know the beard has a lot to do with it, but he's also very talented and I love his voice!  Again, I like em scruffy.

Moving on to Ben's list.  In random order.

Jessica Biel - She's on my list too!!!  This is why.

Marisa Miller - I'm gonna add her to my list too!  Best looking victoria's secret model!!!  Ben picked the booty shot.  He's a butt guy.

Eva Mendes -  I'm thinking of posing for my next picture like her!  Sexy but strong...yes that is how I would describe it.

Alice Eve - She was in She's out of my League.  Ben likes her.  I switched the picture he picked out for one that I think is better.  Hope he agrees!

Katherine Heigl - I didn't really agree with him on this one.  I love her though.  And in the photo he picked of her she really does look beautiful!

Let's keep going.  I know this is a long post, but there are so many beautiful people.  

My girls :-)  And no, this doesn't make me a lesbian.  But I love me some lesbians.  Holla know who you are ;-)

In random order 

Beyonce - Beautiful and talented.  She's a great dancer, I love to watch her perform!  And sorry to say this, but Kanye was so right about her video, "single ladies."  It really should have won video of the year over Taylor Swift.  Love it.  Kanye's still a douche though and should have kept it to himself.  I am in no way supporting what he did! 

Britney Spears - Young Britney Spears was the shit!  Also a great dancer!  I mean, give the girl a break people.  She's getting her shit together.  Saw her in concert a couple of years ago and it was awesome!

Jennifer Aniston -  Geez, she only did one of the best shows of all time!  Everyone knows who Rachel Green is, don't they?  She's got one good looking body and is in her 40s!  If I could only look like that at 40....if I could only look like that now......

Jennifer Lopez - Known for her ass, which is pretty awesome!  I just think she is beautiful, and I don't care if she's from the block.  Eminem said it best in "I'm Back."  "Cause if I ever stuck it to any singer in showbiz, It'd be Jennifer Lopez, and Puffy you know this!  

Jessica Biel - Again.  Loved her since Seventh Heaven.  Even after she got kicked off for posing in this magazine below.  She must have done something right though.  

Marisa Miller - I would kill to look like this!  I just need to grow half a foot and lose 50 pounds...

Last but not least, I asked Ben if he would make a guy list.  I know, I know, it's not the same for guys.  All I could get out of him was....

Gerard Butler - A wonderful pick!  Look at that beard!  I couldn't agree more!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mexican hammocks & a future football star

Back at the end of February, Ben and I went on a cruise to Mexico.  It was amazing!  While in Mexico, we purchased two beautiful Mexican hammocks.  Hand made Mexican hammocks, and they're awesome!  

If you're swinging in this tree, you're pretty much just swaying.  It's what I prefer.  I'm scared shitless to put my hammock in the big tree.  It swings way too high and fast.  I'm worried that the branch is going to break.   

Ben's hammock is the black and silver and mine's all the different colors!

And finally...

The cutest football player!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Thursday night softball!

Last Thursday was Ben's second softball game.  I really enjoy being able to go! I love watching the games, although I'm terrified that I'm going to get hit with the damn ball.  Babes (what I call Ben) is really good :-)  And he looks good playing!  They haven't lost a game yet...I think it's because I'm the "team hottie," (instead of team mom).   Thursdays are good days!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Baby Mowgli

Sometimes when I look at Sam, I can't help but think of Mowgli from The Jungle Book.  Especially now that he's crawling around so much better.  He doesn't use his knees, but walks on his hands and feet instead.  I'll post pictures of that later though.

Sometimes Mowgli gets upset...