Wednesday, June 8, 2011

We miss you Brother

Tyler is off in Louisiana at school and coaching football.  That's about all I know about that, well, and that he's really busy...supposedly.  I also just had to google supposedly and Louisiana to figure out how to spell them.  Shit.  Moving on.  We really miss him here, even when he doesn't close the cabinets back, leaves trash on the counters, and leaves his dishes everywhere and then tries to blame it on someone else.  I hope that one day, he will make lots of money and let me live off of him.  Now for lots of pics.

Pre school at ESPA.

Donaldson dorks.  We have big feet!  And my head looks huge!

Yikes!  Not sure who this picture is worse of.

Cody's hair ruined this one.

These pics were from brother's last visit, about a month ago.

Even the dogs miss him.

Since he took his bed with him, this is where he had to sleep.  It's a twin blow up mattress.

Me, Tyler, Churchill and JFK.

I tried to get a pic of the boys, but it didn't work out so well.  I guess you don't mess with them when they are playing video games.  Tyler looks a bit like Forrest Gump here.
Stupid is as stupid does

Love ya brother.  See you soon.

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