Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Damn That Georgia Clay!

Yep.  That's me, and Black Callie, my lovely little car, stuck in the mud.  Damn it.  Of course I was on my way to the wonderful world of Johnny's and I was already running late.  We've had a big ditch on the side of our driveway for a while now.... I guess that's what happens when you have to many adult children living at home, way too many cars to park in our skinny driveway.  Mamie's already been stuck a couple of times also.  Of course, I laughed at her each time and couldn't figure out how she managed to get her car, Jordy Pordy dop o lop, stuck.  Anyway, my dumb ass just kept trying to drive myself out of the ditch, which I guess didn't really help at all....whatever.  I was lucky enough to have two strong boys around to push me forward through my neighbors yard and onto their driveway... and then I was off.  I was also lucky enough to have someone there to take pictures.  Yay!

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