Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wolf Man

That's right people!  Looks like there's a werewolf in my bathroom!!!

I guess this is how brother likes to clean the bathroom...yes, I still share a bathroom with my brother and it's awesome!  We very rarely have to clean it because we are so damn tidy!  However, every once in a while some of my hair might clog up the drain, then it's like taking a bath and a shower at the same time! It's actually nice, because your feet always stay warm : )  And it's always fun when little tiny beard hairs get on my toothbrush and toothpaste, and no they are not my beard hairs!!!  Plus, we have new friends that like to come visit sometimes, so what if they're ants....I think they're cute!  Anyway, I guess Cody got fed up with mamie bitching at him to clean the bathroom and finally just did it.  The above picture is what he looked like.  I'm still not sure why he's vacuuming such a tiny space that is not carpeted, but I don't really care cause I didn't have to do it!  Plus, I was too busy digging his sandals from the 90s.  I still have mine too and I wear them just about every day.  So, I guess if any one needs a bathroom cleaned....don't forget to ask for wolf man....or donna.  

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