Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fleetwood Mac

I love love love them!  By far one of my favorite bands!  I mean, who cares if they were stoned out of their minds, right?  All that relationship drama, marriage, divorce, affairs.... I just love them!  Not to mention this talented, husky voiced knock out.

Damn, I don't care if she did do cocaine up her butt!  She's clean now.  I swear if she could meet me we'd be like bffs.

I think now I realize I was cutting my hair to try and look like my idol Stevie ;-)

I found this video of Will Ferrell and Dave Grohl doing my favorite duet, Leather and Lace.  Love that song!  But I like it better when Stevie and Don sing it.  

Also, Dave Grohl....HOT.  I really like beards, and his voice!

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