Saturday, November 13, 2010

Mama Cass

Yep, that's what people call me sometimes when they are making fun of me.  I've never actually seen mama cass, but I've heard a few things.   The first being she was a hefty woman and she died eating a ham sandwich, and then of course that she was in the mamas and the papas.  I'm obviously not getting called Mama Cass for my singing, so I'll go ahead and say it's a way for my brothers to call me fat and make me angry.  And I don't even like ham sandwiches!

I bring this up because lately I've been eating a lot of cookies!  I always eat a lot in general, but mostly salty, fatty foods.  I love french fries and could hands down win a fry eating contest.  Anyway, Mcdonalds has the BEST oatmeal raison cookies.  My mom got me hooked on them.  Every time I swing by I have to pick me up some.  Some being a box, which comes with 13 cookies!  Plus, when you order 13, they usually have to make them fresh!  Tonight I stopped and picked me up some cookies.  I think I ate 7 before I got home.

Whatever.  Food makes me happy:)

Also, I just googled Mama Cass.  I was a bit surprised.

I don't really see a comparison.  I would never wear a bonnet or elf shoes and I don't eat fruit!  That being said, she seems like a lovely woman.

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  1. Too funny Cass or shall i say mama cass! Maybe your pregnant and thats why your eating cookies...hahaha j/k!