Sunday, November 7, 2010

Falcons Rise Up!

My sweet friend Amy gave me two tickets to see the falcons play today.  Jay and I had a great time!  It was an awesome game.  The falcons won, I got to see Tony, and I got a #88 jersey!  But I did forget my souvenir cup...dammit.  I could of gone back to get it, but I was too lazy to walk up all those stairs.  I think it was because I ate so much food at The Varsity before the game.  See pic below.

And yes, those are two things of fries on my plate and I ate them all.  Go big girl what you gon do!

Poor Jay, he had to take like a billion pictures of me and the field.  He seemed to have trouble capturing my good angle so it took a while to get a decent shot.  Whatever.  Plus, I think he might have been tired of me singing "falcons rise up."  During halftime I went and purchased me a Gonzalez jersey.  I've been trying to get one forever.  I'll probably wear it for like five days in a joke.

Hopefully, we'll be going to many more games in the future!


  1. Yay!! Jay finally got the Varsity!! :)

  2. is that the best picture of your face and the field? you look half asleep...