Saturday, October 30, 2010

Backyard Get Away

Lately, I've been hanging in the backyard a lot.  Mostly because I have two dogs, but also because we have a pretty cool set up back there and the weather has been nice.  I can't take any credit for the yard, mamaw does her own thing.  But my siblings and I did buy her that cool ass hammock...well heather probably didn't contribute, but that's another story for another day:-)!  And P'tree (Tyler's nickname) and me and maybe Cody (who I will sometimes call Pilbert)  did build her a kick ass fire pit!  P'tree did most of the work, but I remember putting in a lot of digging as well!   I remember because digging sucks and I kept trying to get all the sides even because I've got issues.  Anyway, it's pretty awesome and since I've got my new droid x  I can chill back there while listening to pandora AND playing line up.  Plus, the dogs really like it when people are outside with them.  They've been doing great by the way!  We've changed Lank's name to Lou because I like it and it's easier to say.  Little side story, I heard mamaw trying to get Lou to sleep in the bed with her and Tyson.  Mom said it was because she felt bad for Lou, but that's a load of bull shit....she LOVES her!   Moving on now.

My backyard escape.

Here's brother.  He tried to get real close to me in the hammock, cause he is one sick fuck.

Please know that the above statement is a joke.  I know my family and close friends will understand.  We are not perverts or incestual, but we sometimes joke about strange things...even mom....and heather get in on the jokes.  I told you it's a freak show people!  Moving on, hopefully without any judgement....

And last but not least....a crappy picture of me.  I really don't care for it but it's the only one Cody took.  So whatever.  Good times!


  1. Ok your blog is very entertaining and I love reading it :)

  2. I love u cassidy! Your backyard looks fabulous!